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You've seen smaller versions of these perennial backyard favorites, but never one THIS size! The GIGANTIC size of the BOUNCEaROO compels kids (and even adults!) to climb on and start bouncing. There's something irresistible, almost addictive, about playing on a Hopping Ball. Kids and adults use their leg muscles to launch into ever higher orbits, the energy transmitted by the ball elevating them ever upward, landing in a new spot every time. If parents can ever pry them off, kids end up exercised, soothed, and alert. What more could a parent ask of a toy? Made of durable, heavy-gauge vinyl, it includes a separate foot pump that lets everyone get right to bouncing!

Ages 5 & Up. 
Package Dimensions: 7.75" x 10.25" x 4.5" 
Item #12085 
UPC: 728369120855